"Everything Pink," Fukuoka's Cutest High Tea Place "MerryAnna"


Posted on 30 Nov 2022 21:00 in ASKSiddhi独断うまい店 by Yoko Deshmukh

Their scones are made of rice flour; soft, warm, and flaky.

On an abnormally humid rainy day in Fukuoka in November, I visited a small cafe in the central city with my mother to fulfill my craving for decent scones with a warm pot of tea.

[公式] 薬院ハイティーMerryAnna|福岡のハイティー専門店


When I found it on the internet, I felt awkward as it had looked primarily to serve a fairy-tale-ish atmosphere appearing to young adults. However, my appetite overtook the hesitation, so I went on to reserve a table for two.

It turned out it was a pleasant afternoon. We enjoyed yummy refreshments, pastry, and most notably, beautiful scones with (if not clotted cream but) buttercream and raspberry preserves, tea (and coffee) jelly while watching unstopping rain from a cozy and comfortable, dream-like interior. Of course, two cups of aromatic tea of your choice came along. The staff was kind, friendly, and well-attentive, which added another big plus point. 

Very conveniently located, just two or three minutes walking distance from the nearest subway station and bus stop, called "Yakuin-Ohdori."

The place has a unique high tea set for Christmas (23, 24, and 25 December.)

Pop-colored tablewares are the product of
a potter named Noritake from Fukuoka.

They introduced the "something pink" rule, and if you observe...

... you will get surprise chocolates!

Special High Tea Set (スペシャルハイティーセット,)
2,500 yen per person.

Pastrami ham, liver paste, crumbled egg, parma ham, etc., for refreshments.

Heart-shaped straw (regrettably, it was made of plastic.)

My "main dish."

Chocolate browny with edible flower petals (I think it was made of sugar.)

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