Pompeii, the Centuries of Flourished Civilization Vanished Over Night


Posted on 26 Nov 2022 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

It was a weekend immersed in the ancient Roman city.

I was lucky to stay in Fukuoka during the Special Exhibit, "Pompeii," which was held in the Kyushu National Museum.

Exhibition Schedule _ Kyushu National Museum

I spent about two hours in that venue, upholding the most significant and grandeur discoveries of excavations in human history. My mind traveled not only to a 2,000-year-old city but also to the great modern-time historians and all concerned about preserving the precious evidence and delivering the exhibit to us.

Visitors are allowed to take pictures.

Visitors are welcomed by a plaster cast of a young lady
killed instantly by a series of destructive volcanic activities
and buried under the ashes for two thousand years.

Exquisite pieces of jewelry-works.

Greek Gods in perfect proportion.

God, Apollo was holding a harp.

Civilians live in Pompeii.

Tools and skills for food preparations and comfortable daily living. 

One of the most remarkable house in Pompeii.

Especially astonished by the depiction of the Nile River.

Gymnasium and public bath for better health and work-life balance.

Preparation of theatrical play.

I feel the craftsmen's devotion to perfection.

The common mindset for modern people.

The bread attracted much of the attention of visitors.

Especially interested in how awful the vaginal speculum looked.

Cute and comical sign of "beware of the dog."

Gigantic mosaic work of "Alexander the Great."

One can learn that "digital" technology already existed in Pompeii.

The cat is trying to steal the preparation of a banquet.

Seemingly another suggestion of Egyptian biocenosis.

Definitely, it must have made the guests' feet weak.

I felt warmth by looking at how Gods even hold their hand in hand.

Posing, angle, proportion, everything looked intact.

Centaurs and dancers on the mural.

Another stylishly striking lady.

Outside the exhibition hall, there set up a museum shop
selling fun-filled unique products.

I ordered the picture book online.

Other interesting books to read about the Roman Empire.

I bought the Japanese version of
"Ancient Rome on Five Denarii a Day" by Philip Matyszak.

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