Late Night Piano Practice in Japan, 2022 Winter Edition


Posted on 13 Dec 2022 21:00 in トラベルASKSiddhi by Yoko Deshmukh

It is always pleasant to encounter a new piano in a new city.

One of the most significant advantages for me of visiting global cities is that I can easily find a piano practice studio within walking vicinity of the place of my stay.

This time, I visited Umeda, central Osaka, and found this spacious music practice center ten minutes of walking distance from my hotel, as late as 22 o'clock after a day's business.

RHY Music Studio


The hourly fee is slightly higher for the size of the room I rented (1,000 yen per hour for three tatami-mat, 3畳 spaces.) The piano tuning quality was also not very excellent. However, it sufficiently served my purpose of not breaking the practice habits, and I appreciate the place.

It's on 2F of the Osaka Station Building No. 3.

Umeda district hosts many new and old buildings.

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