Fukuokan Entrepreneurship Spirits! Invitation To Meet Our CEO from Pune, India!


Posted on 29 Oct 2019 21:00 in インドビジネス by Yoko Deshmukh

I sincerely wish many of you in Fukuoka will get to know Dr. A and the latest trend in the Indian AI industry.

I am pleased and excited to announce to you that the CEO of one of the leading AI (artificial intelligence) companies from India is visiting Fukuoka on 14th and 15th November to check the potential of the city as the startup hub. On this occasion, I want to arrange a small get-together for him to connect with locals here in Fukuoka. 

I booked my friend's wine bar on the 15th of November from 18:00. She charges us 3,500 yen each for two glasses of fine wines and appetizers for the evening. Please feel free to contact me if you want to meet him. *He will give us a short presentation and also bring limited copies of company brochures that day.

I am also calling a small nomikai style of getting together on the 14th evening; if you are not available on the 15th but still want to meet him, please join us.

On ASKSiddhi, I am masking his name (Dr. A) and the company name (Company A) to protect privacy. Please let me know if you are interested in joining us and meeting him for get-togethers planned on the evening of both dates. 

Also, the invitation is purely on a friendship basis and no business purpose involved from my side; it is out of my desire to connect people from my town Pune with my hometown Fukuoka. So please feel free to join us.

Company A handles NLP, speech to text, and other text processing technologies also so I think many translator colleagues might also be interested. I am visiting Company A once a week to get familiar with the knowledge and terms related to artificial intelligence.

During his visit, he wants to connect to the people in the city who have background or interest in the field of AI and related fields, such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing. Also, if possible, he wants to meet people in finance, manufacturing, and medical/healthcare backgrounds and who are interested in the possibility of AI technologies. But these are not the prerequisite. 

With its population of around 6 million, Pune is known as the academic capital of India and nurtures many young and extremely talented entrepreneurs in the past few decades. Dr. A's company was born from one of those ideas, but distinctive in terms of its already highly reputed, intelligent and experienced management members, whose names were already big in the industry. 

Dr. A is not only an intelligent and pleasant personality but also a funny yet kind, thoughtful gentleman. I believe you will enjoy conversation with him while upgrading your knowledge of AI. His Company A has already close financial tie-up with global companies, including leading corporates from Japan. 

My dream is to connect my town Pune and my hometown Fukuoka. Dr. A was one of the first people who not only reacted but also supported it, and I do believe he would be the key person to connect two cities. Therefore, I truly hope he could be acquainted with as many potential contacts as possible, and you are welcome to the get-together. 

During his two days of stay in Fukuoka, we will visit Startup Cafe and, if possible, want to visit the Kyushu University that has a close association with IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Madras, which is the leading science and engineering institute of India. 

For the 15th (Fri.) get-together, we can accommodate up to 13 people in my friend's bar. She charges us 3,500 yen for two glasses of wine and appetizers. We also welcome you to join us for drinks on 14th (Thu.) 

If you want to meet a very charming CEO who constantly quests himself into the cutting edge technologies, to learn the Indian AI industry's latest trends, or to enjoy uplifting conversations, you are welcome!

Please find his profile below:

Dr. A (Ph.D.)

Founder & CEO of Company A (a leading player in the Artificial Intelligence domain) is an AI technology expert with a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. A has always been at the forefront of developing cutting edge solutions, right from developing advanced mathematics-based trading algorithms for capital markets to leveraging Machine Learning techniques and AI across different domains. His expertise spans Financial Engineering, Quantitative Trading, Hedging, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, and Control Theory. He is the co-founder of several startups that have been incubated within Company A – Company B: a Manufacturing AI Startup, Company C: Trading technology startup, and Company D: a medical imaging AI Company.

What Company A does::
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and other solutions in the field of finance, manufacturing, medical imaging, etc.
He will share a limited number of brochures and give a short presentation on the 15th.

Be a globally recognized name in applications of AI.

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