Be There On 26th, "Savory South Indian Meals Accompanied By The Talk On The Life In India"


Posted on 09 May 2018 21:00 in インドあれこれ by Yoko Deshmukh

Another exciting "South Indian in Fukuoka" event is to come up this month.

In recent years, for some reasons, I am attracted towards South Indian Meals whenever I am back in Fukuoka. 

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I realized that is because we do not have a proper "South Indian Meals" restaurant in Pune, don't we?

Zomato search of "South Indian Thali in Pune"

While it's hard for us Punekar to find an authentic and homemade style of South Indian Meals in Pune, it's interesting to know that we have plenty of opportunities to enjoy different South Indian foods in Fukuoka, which is located a thousand miles away from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, and India!

This month, I am attending another Meals event hosted by Tora-san, the famous owner couple of Toraya Shoku-do, a South Indian restaurant in Ogikubo, Tokyo.

「私が のぞいたインドの暮らし」講演を聴いて、南インドのミールスを味わう会
*Savory South Indian Meals Accompanied By The Talk On The Life In India

Toraya Shoku-do

Event venue


On the event, my friends and mentors Mr. and Mrs. Yamaguchi will give a lecture about the life in India, and I am keenly waiting to hear it. The Meals will follow their talk in a kitchen studio nearby. 

I am inviting Mother too, who loves South Indian vegetarian cuisine very much. I wish Siddharth were also here with me in Fukuoka at this time.


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