Wines and South Indian Meals!? A Fukuokan Sommelier Who Imagined This Unimaginably Combination


Posted on 19 Sep 2017 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

Who could think of the wines go with Meals? I want this to happen in Pune as well!

I found that South Indian "Meals" are steamy hot dishes in Fukuoka recently. I have a couple of favorite Meals places to recommend if asked, and in the list, one more excellent restaurant has been added, thanks to my friend Tomomi Yoshimura. 

Tomomi-san is a well-known wine sommelier in the city (and perhaps outside) who runs a French wine bar Ratafia in Yakuin, central Fukuoka city, and yet a hard-core South Indian culture lover. As such, she has hosted an interesting and unique event called "Meals, Fish Curry and Wine Workshop" yesterday, on 18th September 2017. 

According to her, it was her 4th workshop themed this type of collaboration of Meals and wines, and each time she observed a great response. The venue she chose this time was "Chakra," a tiny kitchen in Imaizumi, central Fukuoka city near Apple Store Tenjin, where the owner tries to amalgamate South Indian and Mexican (...why!?) 

Frankly speaking; initially, I did not have keen interest in participating in any "Indian curry events or parties" on the very next day of coming back from the sub-continent of masala. However, eventually, I could not resist with my curiosity of finding out the unheard combination of Meals and wines, and also an unusual type of the restaurant! 

We tasted three different wines in three glasses along with a beautiful Meals. My goodness, who could have ever imagined how the wines would taste differently accompanied with the beautiful full-flavor of Vegetarian Meals? It was a whole new experience for me and definitely worth trying. Later he served a coconut milk based yellowtail snapper curry (they called it "Moily") and that was fantastic, a mouthful of satisfaction. Check the details on her Facebook page below (in Japanese.)


I learned again: "Do not judge the things before experiencing." I am grateful to my friend and Chakra for opening my eyes to the new world. I thank another friend of mine Richiko-san who encouraged me to join the event by her participation.

"How to Eat Meals"

Petit "nijikai" after-party, a gentle and peaceful time,
we talked about each memory of journeying around the globe.

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