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Posted on 30 Apr 2016 23:00 in ASKSiddhi独断うまい店 by Yoko Deshmukh

I missed "filter coffee" so much here!

After enjoying Ayumi's impressive and awesome Odissi performance at Global Village 2016 event yesterday, we went for lunch at an Indian restaurant "106" in Imaizumi, located near Apple Store Fukuoka. I found it on the internet as per my mother's request that she was craving for "Dosa" she ate in Pune. However, I was not sure, and there was no guarantee that they would serve Dosa from the information available on "Tebe-log (Japan version of Zomato)."

As we arrived at the restaurant at around 11:45 and as soon as we sat on the table, there was this prophecy on the table that they would serve Dosa lunch only on Friday at the reasonable rate (at least in Japan)! How lucky we were!

It was Mysore Masala Dosa, i.e. thick and crunchy; Sambar soup was my familiar taste that reminded me of any Shetty restaurant in Pune (like Kalyani Veg, Wadeshwar). I should say Coconut chutney was easily defeated by Siddharth's, however, the spicy red chilli chutney was somewhat exotic and not bad. Overall, it was very stuffing meal and I was fully satisfied.

I spotted two Indian cooks in the kitchen, and one of them was a very friendly person and serving plates himself. That was way too new and exciting experience for me because I had never seen any cook in a Shetty restaurant comes directly to the table to serve! A man from the couple sat next to our table was showing his machoness to his girl by ordering his curry to make "very spicy (5-kara)" and I clearly sensed it was somewhat worrying the good and kind cook.

The cook-in-the-hall told me that he was from Bangalore. Asking him if they had any intention to serving the iconic "filter coffee" anytime, he said they were actively considering it but for that, they would need a special type of coffee powder, the special equipment such as metal cups, and of course, the special skill to do it! ​I am crossing my fingers that soon they would find the way!

If you want to enjoy authentic Indian food in a homely atmosphere, this is the best ever place I have found in Fukuoka so far.

Entrance of "106"

They are hosting "Meals" event on 22nd May, 2016

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