My Daily Stretch Routine for Physical and Mental Health, Sept. 2023 Edition


Posted on 26 Sep 2023 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

Three Senseis are my friends for refreshing and relaxation nowadays.

I have continued my night routine of Taiwanese foot acupuncture messages for about 4-5 years.

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However, in the past year, I could not help but feel bored with the same routine every night as I could not feel much difference each time.

One day, I found an SNS post suggesting a YouTube page demonstrating a variety of lymphoid massages and stretch patterns for daily routine. I felt a significant difference as I followed the instructor in the video daily for the past three weeks. For example, my stiff body, eye strain, chronic headache, and sleep disturbance are eased and relaxed, and I feel like I am meeting new me every day.

So today, I want to introduce them here. I hope they help anyone who wants to maintain physical and mental health.

Sorry, all the videos are in Japanese, but you can follow them by watching their movement.

First, I get up with "Ai Sensei's" full-body lymphoid stretch.

*Ai Sensei introduces a lot of other lymphoid stretch exercises.

After washing your face, it's time for "Uchiyama Sensei's" flawless skin care stretch.

*Uchiyama Sensei's face-lift massage lineups are also heavenly, and I highly recommend them.

When I am tired of the work in the mid-day, "Tomo Sensei's" eyes stretch exercise is there for me.

*Tomo Sensei also has a couple of eye stretch exercises, and all are so refreshing.

In the evening, before showering, I turn to Ai Sensei again for a shoulder blade stretch.

*Her blad stretch lineups are felt like literally freeing the wings.

After showering, I take Ai Sensei's face and neck lymphoid massage with my skincare routine.

I go for a stomach lymphoid massage if I have time before dinner.

At the relaxing time after dinner, I take time for head massages.

Then, while watching Netflix, I follow arms and leg massages combined with my old friend's foot massage board.

The most critical point for me in performing the above daily routine is that it makes me conscious to focus on my lymphoid and blood flow, muscle movement, and organs, which results in caring for myself, and hopefully, these could contribute to cure my mental conditions too.

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