Freshen Up Yourself and Reborn with Rwo-Shr Foot Massage in Bangkok


Posted on 16 Feb 2019 21:00 in トラベルASKSiddhi by Yoko Deshmukh

You will feel a great difference.

When you are visiting Bangkok, perhaps you may want to be relaxed with great Thai Body Massage readily available at every corner of the city. 

For me, however, I always look for another remedy for recovering from a long accumulated stiffness or fatigue by the somewhat harsher or stronger method; which is called Rwo-Shr Foot Massage, born in China but widely popular in Bangkok. 

For a better explanation, I found a couple of English language websites for your reference:

Foot Massage Pushes all the Right Buttons - Life of Taiwan

You may or may not believe the dramatic effect of Rwo-Shr method after reading the plenty of case studies found below:


Bangkok has a few authentic Rwo-Shr massage clinics, which, as you may have already read the links above, give you sharp pains from the acupressure during the therapy. However, only the people who have endured the torture to get the great reward of feeling completely fresh, reborn, and profoundly healthy. My ultimate and utmost favourite is this place, Ploenchit Hatthasart conveniently located at the right in front of BTS Pholen Chit station:

Ploenchit Hatthasart Foot Massage


When I visited the clinic this week, I found the Western patients almost occupied the space than the Japanese, and I felt they also were satisfied. If you want to know your health better and experience the miracle of foot acupressure method from Taiwan, try Ploenchit Hatthasart in Bangkok.

This photo was taken in May 2017.
I am coming here almost since 2010 and most of the staff unchanged.


They will serve you a glass of lukewarm water to help drain your body waste faster. 

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