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Things are much more systematic compared to the similar scheme introduced in 2020. Image source: Travelers Navi

Nationwide Travel Support started in October 2022 to encourage people to enjoy (almost) post-corona tourism inside the country. The scheme is called "全国旅行支援 (zenkoku ryoko shien, nationwide travel subsidy)" and is open to those who live or have an address in Japan. After I leveraged it for my mother's 70th-anniversary trip, I talked a lot about it to Siddharth, and he found that English know-how is almost unavailable; hence I decided to summarise the scheme here in the hope of helping interested people in Japan.

I referenced information from the following links in the Japanese language:

全国旅行支援 都道府県連絡先一覧 _ 観光庁

Residents of Japan are eligible. To receive the discount, proof of three prior vaccinations or negative results of PCR test, etc., is required, along with identification documents such as a residence card (在留カード, zairyu card) and driver's license.

To use the campaign, book a trip at a discount price through one of the following that participates in the campaign: (1) a travel reservation site, such as Jalan, Rakuten Travel, (2) a travel agency, or (3) an accommodation facility.

From January 10, 2023, the travel discount will be 20% off the total trip cost (maximum per person per night 5,000 yen for overnight travel with transportation, 3,000 yen for other travel).

The minimum spending is 3,000 yen per person per night (per trip) for weekdays and 2,000 yen per person per holiday trip. Products below the minimum spending amount are not eligible. 

Do not worry; most facilities auto-calculate the values, so one can leave a calculator in hand while booking.

In addition, travelers will get local coupons (either app-based or paper-based) worth 2,000 yen per day on weekdays and 1,000 yen per day on holidays, which you can redeem at affiliated commercial establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, souvenir shops, taxis, and transportation.

Here, "holidays" for trips involving overnight stays are defined as when both the day of the overnight stay and the following day are Saturday, Sunday, or a national holiday. In contrast, holidays for day trips are Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. All other days are treated as "weekdays."

Terms and conditions may vary by prefecture or business, so check them before making a reservation.

The Japan Tourism Agency, on December 13, 2012, announced that the reviewed discount rate is to ensure that travel demand stays relatively high after the scheme ends.

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