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Posted on 24 Jun 2021 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

Before making any move, ask the professional who is always ready to help.

Due to unbeatable drowsiness during the daytime that sometimes disturbs my work, I emailed the symptoms to the clinic. Then, Dr. Mine called me back on the same evening and suggested the dosage could change. He instructed I could reducing "tryptanol" from the current 20 mg (two tablets) to 10 mg (one,) which resulted in the dosage combination to be "tryptanol 10 mg, ethyl loflazepate 1 mg, escitalopram 10 mg."

I experienced minor nausea on the first night when I reduced tryptanol, but the following day I felt much fresh, yet in between, some drowsiness continued. I admit I have less sleep time than he suggested, but I will see if things get better or otherwise shall stop taking ethyl loflazepate also as he additionally told.

As for now about the progress, I cannot feel if it's getting better or not, except for my conscious actions and efforts for a better and healthier lifestyle. I still think I am useless and valueless, the stupidest person in the world who doesn't deserve any respect nor appreciation. I brace for the prolonged fighting against myself.

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=== 以下、同掲題メールの転載 ===


1 6月4日,マハーラーシュトラ州政府は,現在実施されているロックダウン措置の修正を発表し,本件措置は7日(月)から開始されます。

2 ムンバイ市は,規制緩和5段階のレベル3となり,食料品等の店頭販売時間は,午前7時から午後4時まで延長許可となります。また,非生活必需品を販売する店舗は,月曜日から金曜日の間,午後4時まで営業許可となります。なお,レストランは,午後4時まで客席50%以下で営業許可(月曜日~金曜日)となり,モール,映画館は営業停止が継続します。

3 お住まいの地域における陽性率や重症患者用病床の空き状況等により,店頭販売時間等の規則緩和レベルが5段階で異なりますのでご注意願います。

4 午後5時以降の外出は医療関連やその他緊急の場合等に限られますので,引き続きご注意願います。

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