A Memorable Day in Fukuoka


Posted on 26 May 2019 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

We don't know where our life takes us until something happens, and let's not be afraid of it because you are not alone.

It was a special day for me. 

First, it was the day of my friend's wedding. She had married to a French man born in France and brought up in India (Pondicherry.) I thought of her since the moment I got up in the morning that day, like, she must have been already up and busy preparing herself. It was a pleasant day in terms of clear sky but much hotter temperature than usual at around this time of the year, so I prayed she, her husband (as they had already registered their marriage last year) and both sides of their families wouldn't be affected too much of that untimely violent heat of Fukuoka. 

Second, it was almost my first opportunity of attending a traditional Japanese Shinto style marriage ceremony at Sumiyoshi Jinja shrine in Fukuoka, followed by a Japanese way of the wedding reception. As such, I had been a little nervous for the etiquette and customs in the beginning, but later on, as the time of the wedding approaches, I gradually told myself to enjoy the atmosphere fully and that I believed would be only the best attitude of celebrating, blessing, and sending good vibes to the bride and groom. However, recalling my manners, I think there must have been so much of shortcomings! 

Third, observing the way the bride side family hosted the different types of guests came from all over the world was mesmerizing and inspiring; it was like the art of hospitality. My friend's parents were so generous and loving their daughter deeply that showed in their attitudes toward all of us. I received the endless shower of love from the groom's French parents as well. Friends from Japan, India, France, and other parts of the world all looked so stylish in their attires reflecting the cultural diversity. Sincere and genuine hearts only filled the wedding venue. 

Finally, it was very much surprised to know that the younger sister of the groom was the Bollywood celebrity Kalki Koechlin-san; which means, my friend has become her sister-in-law! I came to know about that just a few days before the wedding day when I met the couple briefly and so overwhelmed by hearing about that. I suddenly felt like overexcited at the same time under pressure of attending the wedding, but then I realized that was silly and asked myself; who were the main actors of the event? Let his sister enjoy her brother's big day and leave her alone! My this first thought stopped me from asking her to come in a selfie or two with me like any other people would have taken such chances. After all, the memory should be in one's heart and not always necessary to tell to the world. By the way, she looked not only stunningly beautiful in her kimono but also incredibly kind, humble, and elegant lady, just like the new couple. 

I am proud to be a part of such a glorious moment and truly appreciate them for letting me eyewitness the moment a beautiful family was born. 

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