Need An Emergency Korean Food Intake in Pune? Head to Arirang Korean Restaurant in Kharadi!


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Comfortable private room arrangement let you feel the comfort of home while savoring yummy delicacies.

It's my Indian niece's birthday and thinking of her recent craze for Korean idols, such as EXO, it was but natural that we let her experience authentic Korean cuisines made by Korean people in Pune. After some web searches, though, my good-old places seemed to have been closed down or shifted to somewhere a far side of the city. So, I took help of the wisdom of Pune Expat Club pals, and the problem got instantly solved; they are hilarious!

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One of my most favorite Korean restaurants Arirang, which I could not locate on the initial Google search, has been shifted from the original Viman Nagar property to Kharadi, further Eastern part of the city.

Arirang Restaurant (Google Map)

*Note: Zomato still shows the old Arirang location in Viman Nagar and indicates "permanently closed."
Lunch: 600 INR per person
Dinner: 800 INR per person
Reservation Required: Mr. Jungrae Kim - (0)99219 16928

I called up to Mr. Kim this morning for the reservation and surprisingly, he spoke very fluent Japanese! I heard he had lived in Fukuoka for about five years, so I guess he must even speak and understand Hakata-ben! 

The content of their "full Korean meal" changes daily (or weekly) and no a-la-carte menu is available; one can simply book a table on the phone in advance, indicating Mr. Kim how many people (and children) are coming with your food preference (i.e. Hindu, Muslim, vegetarians, non-vegetarians, non-spicy, etc.) as required. Today we asked the chicken main. 

First, they bring fresh kimchi and a variety of namuls. I believe these are vegetarian-friendly and very healthy appetizers. 

Namul - Wikipedia

Then, followed by three mains, which will differ by the day you visit, including Korean pancake buchimgae, to accompany with bowls of rice and soup.  

Buchimgae - Wikipedia

Among today's menu, I felt particularly excited about a stone-bowl broiled whipped omelet. My friend in Seoul H-chan taught me on WhatsApp that the name of dish was gyeran-jjim.

Gyeran-jjim - Wikipedia

You may feel Arirang located a bit remote from the city center, but it's easy to find and also worth visiting for their savory dishes straight from Seoul!

A big red signboard makes you find the place easily.

I can read only "Arirang" from the characters.


Two Indians and one Japanese, so the choice was automatically "chicken" ;)


AC is installed in the room for you to enjoy even the stone-heated steamed egg
without worrying about perspiring at all
in the middle Pune Summer of 40-degree Celsius!


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