11th Online Piano Lesson: Let's Make a Plan


Posted on 10 Apr 2022 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

It was a simple yet powerful solution.

I tried to remember the Circle of Fifth and Interval, but I still feel a way to go. The teacher told me I should start preparing for working on solfeggio along with the Interval to conquer the music better.

I learned the word "vorschlag" ("acciaccatura" in Latino) for "a grace note performed as quickly as possible before an important note of a melody. (Oxford Languages dictionary)."

Also, I consulted my teacher on how to overcome my self-esteem problem when playing the piano. For example, I feel guilty sitting in front of the piano when I have a lot of jobs to do because I tend to forget the time the moment I start playing the pieces. He listened to me, thought a little, and suggested I make a daily plan for the piano, like 45-60 minutes, accordingly setting the timer. I believe this is a very reasonable idea and I shall follow it.

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