12th Visit: Being Stably Low


Posted on 27 Dec 2021 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

I understand it is going to take time.

I continue my squat routine and morning walk. I am also trying to remind myself I am valuable and deserve to live. Still, my state and condition seem to remain the same as before. The doctor and counselor just repeated what they said to me, and I understood they had to treat many seriously ill people every day and did not have much time and energy on me. I am grateful to them, though.

The set of medications for the next 28 days: tryptanol 10 mg, escitalopram 10 mg

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=== 以下、同掲題メールの転載 ===




Department of Revenue and Forest, Disaster Management,
Relief and Rehabilitation, Mantralaya, Mumbai 400 032
No: DMU/2020/CR. 92/DisM 1, Dated: 24th December, 2021

Whereas, the Omicron variant of the Corona virus has now emerged as the fastest spreading variant of the same in the past few days across the world.

It has become the dominant variant in the USA and in many countries in Europe as well.

The State already has recorded a total of 88 Omicron Covid 19 cases over the past few days.

The State is also starting to see an upward trend of Covid 19 cases over the past week with more than 1000 positive cases being registered in the State every day, for the first time in last two months

Whereas, it also has to be noted that more congregations are expected across the State over the next few days in the wake of upcoming Christmas festivities, marriage season, other festivities and New Year celebrations

Whereas, in the wake of the above facts, it is imperative to impose some further restrictions in addition to restrictions imposed vide reference 'd' i.e. Order No DMU/ 2020/ CR 92/DisM-l dated
27th November, 2021 mentioned above, in order to curtail the transmission of the Corona virus in the State.

Thus, in exercise of the powers conferred under the Disaster Management Act, 2005, the undersigned in the capacity of the Chairperson of the State Executive Committee of the State Disaster Management Authority hereby declares
that the following additional restrictions are being imposed across the Maharashtra State

a.      In case of Christmas Festivities, directions in the circular of Home Department, under reference 'c' i.e. Circular RLP-1221/Pra.Kra.280Nisha I B dated 23rd December,2021 shall be observed.
b.      In the case of Marriages, where movement of attendees is generally staggered, the total number of attendees at any moment of time should not exceed 100 for enclosed spaces (like banquet/ marriage halls etc.)
and 250 for open to sky spaces, or 25% of the capacity of such spaces, whichever is less.
c.      In case of other Social, Political or Religious functions and gatherings, where presence of attendees is generally continual throughout the function,
the total number of attendees should also not exceed 100 for enclosed spaces and 250 for open to sky spaces, or 25% of the capacity of such spaces, whichever is less.
d.      In case of other functions that are not covered in above mentioned categories, total number of attendees for closed spaces should not exceed 50% of the capacity declared
by the Licensing/ Permitting Authority wherein seatings are fixed and immovable and 25% of the capacity wherein seatings are not fixed and are movable. For such functions in open to sky spaces should not exceed 25% of the capacity declared by Licensing/ Permitting Authority.
e.      In case of Sports Events/ Competitions, these may be held with number of spectators not exceeding 25% of the seating capacity of the venue.
f.      In case of any other kind of gathering, that does not fall under any of the category listed above, DDMA shall decide the ceiling of number of persons who may attend such gathering,
without breaching the ceiling of percentages given by the order under reference 'd' i.e. Order No DMU/ 2020/ CR 92/DisM-l dated 27th November, 2021.
g.      Without prejudice to comprehensiveness of the directions above, it is clarified that Restaurants, Gymnasiums, Spas, Cinema Halls and Theatres will continue to operate at 50% of the capacity as declared by the
Licensing/ Permitting Authorities. These establishments shall necessarily declare prominently their full capacity as per License/ Permission as well as permissible 50% of this capacity.
h.      There shall be a ban on any assembly of people in groups of more than 5 from 9 PM to 6 AM throughout the state in all public places.
i.      In case of any activity that is not explicitly covered under these directions, DDMA may decide appropriate restrictions, generally following these principles or on the basis of local situation, as deemed fit.
In such situations, DDMA must give adequate Public Notice before making such restrictions applicable.In case of any activity covered in this order,
if DMA is of the opinion that stricter restrictions are warranted due to specific local situation, DMA may promulgate such stricter restrictions over and above restrictions contained herein. In such situation,
DDMA must give adequate Public Notice before making such stricter restrictions applicable.
j.      All existing restrictions other than the ones specifically mentioned in this order will continue to be applicable as per the order under reference 'd' i.e. Order No DMU/ 2020/
CR 92/DisM-1 dated 27th November, 2021.
k.      This order shall come into effect from 00:00 hours of 25th December 2021.

=== 転載終わり ==


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