The New Discovery On 75th Independence Day of India


Posted on 15 Aug 2021 21:00 in ASKSiddhi独断うまい店 by Yoko Deshmukh

Gems and jewels are usually hidden in the least expected place.

Our Independence Day ritual is to dine out for Indian lunch in Pune. This year, while we are still stuck in Fukuoka, we decided to follow the same idea and searched on the internet for any Indian restaurant, and found this one; "New Saino."

The place was cozy and welcoming, ran by three Nepalis under the clement owner from Pokhara, who has been in Japan for fifteen years. When we visited, a young man who seems to be waiting for his parcel was only the customer.

Clean, neat, and comfortable.

On-the-table hand sanitizer is perhaps the best hospitality, especially in the time of COVID-19.

From upper-left to clockwise: Anda (egg) Kheema with cheese naan; typical Japanized Indian restaurant salad with thousand-island dressing; butter chicken with plain naan; seafood curry and rice (while I asked the waitress to reduce the significant quantity of rice in Japanese but she seemed to be not understanding, haha.)

Satisfied with the meals, we decided to order a-la-carte for the takeaway.

The quantity was massive and thus value for money. The total bill, including the parcels, was somewhere around 5,000 - 6,000 yen. We bought these for two-day stock meals (as Fukuoka is expecting another torrential rain for the next few days.)

I styled the saree based on Nikaytaa's fantastic skirt drape!
As usual, nobody recognized that I was wearing a saree.

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1 8月11日,日本政府は,新たな水際対策措置として,8月14日(土)午前0時以降にインドから日本に到着する全ての方に対し,検疫所長の指定する場所(検疫所が確保する宿泊施設に限る)での待機期間をこれまでの10日間から6日間にすると発表しました。8月13日(金)にインドを出発し,14日(土)に日本に到着する場合は,本件措置の対象となります。


2 今回の待機期間変更に伴い,空港からの移動手段,指定施設での待機後の待機場所,空港での海外在留邦人向けワクチン接種の予約を変更する必要がある方は,御注意ください。

電話 ○日本国内からかける場合:03-6633-3237(有料)

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