The Original! Pune International Tea Party - PITP New Year 2019 Edition!


Posted on 05 Feb 2019 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

All thanks to my friends and guests, the tea party is getting a legendary opportunity for people who want to freely connect with each other.

On 3rd February 2019, the day before the beginning of spring called Setsubun (節分) in Japan, we had the fresh new year 2019's "Pune International Tea Party" at Yogi Tree, Koregaon Park. 

The "team Japan" consisted of my mother and her friend who were temporary visitors to Pune, Japanese working women I-san and Y-san, and then S-san, A-san, V-san, and M-san who spoke the fluent Japanese language. 

The "team international" included my dear Brazilian friend I-san, S-san who was an Indian entrepreneur but looked like a Mexican or an Argentinian, M-san, a fabulous properties owner who owned villas in Croatia and Goa and also travelled India and Canada frequently, the veteran Air Force officer U-san and his Italian friend D-san.  Finally, Y-san, who hailed from Indonesia and had been an essential regular member of the tea party recently, brought two more Indonesian friends and a beautiful Manipuri couple. 

Eventually, we got a good vibe; and adding to it, Mr Prashant Ingole, who was a music director and songwriter of numerous Hindi and Marathi movies, including recent mega-hit Bajirao Mastani, and his friend Mr Azhar, the actor joined us and infused excitement and energy. 

Profile of Mr Prashant Ingole

With Mr Azhar, Mr Prashant, and the veteran air force U-san.


The tea party became extra special thanks to I-san, who elegantly dressed herself up in her hand-stitched yukata, Japanese summer kimono, made out of ikat textile sourced in India, served us aromatic hojicha. She treated us this finest of fine hojicha by roasting the tea leaves by herself at the cafe kitchen on that day! The deep yet refreshing flavour of the tea healed us in the afternoon heat. 

I-san (centre) wearing her handmade yukata.

All the participants this time were proactive people, and I enjoyed talking with each of them very much; it's perhaps the magic of the venue "Yogi Tree," where I feel some unique cosy atmosphere. One of the guests immediately created a WhatsApp group "PITP" for the ease of spreading the invitation and information. I am delighted and blessed to see that the tea party has been gradually becoming my dream opportunities to get connected to people freely and borderless, thanks to all the friends who participate and support. 

If you live in Pune and are interested in interacting and making friends with the funny yet kind international people over here, please feel free to contact me. Let's chill out together in the weekend afternoon over tea or coffee. 

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