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Posted on 24 May 2023 21:00 in トラベルASKSiddhi by Yoko Deshmukh

It was a pleasant encounter in the vibrant city of Nagoya, Japan.

I briefly visited Nagoya on our way to Hida Takayama hill station and found an excellent studio for acoustic piano practice during that stay.

Rental Space ALBE

The studio is in a building located in proximity to Nagoya Station, easily accessible for those who are new to the city. The hourly charge for the room with two upright pianos is 1,100 yen, while it is around 1,650 yen for the room with the grand piano.

Notably, the piano was tuned very well, and I fully enjoyed the practice.

The lockable soundproof room is shielded with double sash doors.

The piano practice room is located at 4F of the building.

On my way to the studio, I spotted Nana-chan, the Meitetsu Girl.

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