Goan Cuisine And Wine!? Yes, It's Possible!


Posted on 03 May 2018 21:00 in ASKSiddhi独断うまい店 by Yoko Deshmukh

As of 3rd May night, I am too sleepy to write very details. I may update the content again tomorrow (4th May.)

Ms. Tomomi Yoshimura, a sommelier and the owner of Ratafia in Fukuoka, always looking for the best flavor of food from a professional aspect. Today, she hosted yet another exciting collaboration event, which was the marriage of Goan cuisines and an excellent selection of wines. For this event, she gave me an opportunity to speak about Pune, Goa, and India for the guests.

Yoshimura-san's hosted another event I attended last year (ASKSiddhi):
Wines and South Indian Meals!? A Fukuokan Sommelier Who Imagined This Unimaginably Combination

Mouth-watering, sophisticated, and exquisite Goan cuisines were the art of Mr. Yuki Towata, the owner of South Indian restaurant Vanakkam.

Vanakkam Facebook page

Firstly, let me introduce the menu we enjoyed today (courtesy, Ratafia):

:: Appetizer ::
Masala Papad (onions, tomatoes and coriander toppings were sourced from Itoshima, Fukuoka)

:: Main Course ::
Goan Chicken Xacuti
Mangalorian Fish Fry
Mutton Kola Urundai
Goan Pulao

To match with these delicious dishes, Yoshimura-san selected the following wines:

Fratelli Chardonnay, from Maharashtra, India
スカトゥール 17 南アフリカ バーデンホースト *シュナンブラン
ルイ・ジュリアン コートデュローヌ *アラモン グルナッシュ シラー
ギウアーニ バレル 2014 ジョージア *サペラビ
*I could not find the English equivalent names for the above brands, I will search and update tomorrow.

I have to admit that I was not so good at playing my role as "a storyteller of India." However, thanks to the presence of my dear familiar faces like Mr. & Mrs. Yamaguchi and friend R-san, it was much easier and encouraging than I was anticipating.

All dishes prepared by Vanakkam, i.e. Towa-san, reminded me of the warmth of homemade bhaji, the tender and gentle taste reflecting his personality. Yoshimura-san's special selection of wines was subtly yet prominently accompanying those flavorful Goan specialties. The collaboration of food and wine was like a miracle.

While serving cups of Tulsi tea to the guests, a gorgeous and elegant lady participant told me that she had always been attracted to India and wanted to visit the country. She is even ready to learn Vastu Shastra, an Indian version of Feng Shui. 

Finally, I wore saree today but not according to the conventional way. I checked "The Sari Series" website and chose the following so-called Goan drape.

Saree drape 
Hindu Kunbi Drape, Goa - The Sari Series


It was super-easy and more importantly, the saree drape never came undone. I want to teach my mother-in-law and sister-in-law the method!


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