Dr. Nakamura in Afghanistan Since 1983; Never-Ending Quest for Peace in Region


Posted on 31 Jul 2017 23:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

Every person has a mission in life. Some people like Dr. Nakamura live all their lives into the greatest aim no one can ever imagine.

Have you heard of Dr. Tetsu Nakamura? 

He is a medical doctor from Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan who takes his mission in helping people in Afghanistan and Pakistan, not only for their medical needs but also by building or rebuilding the channels of water to the once dried-up lands so people can resume their peaceful living at their native villages. He is continuing his mission and lives with people in Afghanistan since more than 30 years now. 

I once read a Japanese newspaper article introducing his activities in Peshawar region of Afghanistan. It stated Dr. Nakamura's word that if only people have access to the water resource, nobody needs to become a terrorist nor to start the war, because water brings them content living, like growing vegetables and cattle to feed themselves, instead of chasing after any other method of survival or income. It is not as simple as does sound, though. According to him, building water channels to the desert lands is not for the peace keeping, but the extension of his medical profession. The water is a source of life to every human being. 

Every mission requires enormous effort and commitment. However, I feel Dr. Nakamura has an exceptional passion for life. At the same time, I sometimes wonder why not many people know his activities.

For more details, please check Peshawar-kai (NGO organization that supports his activities) website here. You can become a member of Peshawar-kai from overseas also.

Peshawar-kai Official Website (English)

NHK World program featuring Dr. Nakamura's activities

New NHK (Japan) program introducing his activities aired this month

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