Feeling Like Being Back "Home": Much Needed the "Power of India"


Posted on 10 May 2017 23:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

A good time is always good, and that will bring positive energy to live on. Deeply thankful to those who give me inspiration.

*Arabian coffee at D-Tranoi, delicate flavor of coffee with a kick of ginger.

I am still in Fukuoka and thankfully being quite busy with my work as a freelance translator. While no doubt I enjoy (and sometimes try to enjoy) everything here, my soul always look for my second "home" which is, very luckily, India. So it is very necessary for me to meet friends and people who are related to India at every certain interval!

Particularly I was longing for today because I was supposed to meet a lady who graduated from the same highschool of mine in Fukuoka and also married to an Indian and living in Bangalore. 

Where did we choose to meet? Of course "106 South Indian" in Imaizumi, where the owner Rajesh-ji is also from Bangalore. Thankfully, in my recent years of relatively often returning to Fukuoka, I am gradually developing a few of my favorite places to go, and the restaurant is definitely one of them. We had a good and relaxed time there just like sitting at someone's home. Highly recommended if you ever miss India and Indian curries. 

After lunch, an another friend of mine who is a famous Odissi dancer in Fukuoka joined us for a Palestinian tea time at "D-Tranoi" in Daimyo. We had a good cup of Arabian coffee with an infuse of ginger. 

Frankly speaking, I had been reluctant to meet Indian people in Japan so far. I think that was because I was sensing a sort of "superiority" or "high pride" from most of them who were IT engineers. However, I came to know there are very different types of like-minded Indian and India-related people in Japan also. My quest for "India in Fukuoka" will go on.

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