Kimono Experience and The Perfect Visit to "Business Shrine" Miyajidake


Posted on 21 May 2016 23:00 in トラベルASKSiddhi by Yoko Deshmukh

Wanna experience Kimono but afraid of expense? Jidai-ya (時代屋) beneath Miyajidake Shrine will help you with the solutions if you are in Fukuoka!

Miyajidake Shrine located near from my mother's home in Fukutsu, Fukuoka is believed to grant a divine favor of business for those who visits to cast a prayer. As such, in the new year time, it attracts many worshippers across not only Fukuoka but surrounding regions. 

On Sando (the approach) to the shrine, there stands a small recycled Kimono shop named Jidai-ya (時代屋) run by friendly and attentive mother and daughter. This time, my friend from Ireland took their "temporary rental Kimono service" that helps you to wear Kimono from their variety of collections with very competitive and reasonable price. After wearing Kimono, you can visit the Honden (main shrine) and take pictures yourself and as you like. Since Honden is situated on the top of the hill, once you conquer the steep steps, you will be rewarded with the spectacular view of the town and the ocean beyond. 

If you plan to visit around this area and want to experience wearing Kimono while praying at the shrine, contact Jidai-ya! 

Jidai-ya (時代屋)
2-8, Miyaji-motomachi, 
Fukutsu, Fukuoka
Tel: 0940-52-4678
*If you are a non-Japanese speaker, contact via Facebook

On the same day, we went on to try
Fukuoka Opentop Bus Tour Seaside Momochi Course
It was a little hot day, but the view of Fukuoka city from
the almost equal height as the traffic signals
was very new and exciting experience.
You can get off the bus at any of four stoppings and
catch another bus coming in about two hours. 

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