Itamae Sushi, the Local Excursion of Overseas Sushi


Posted on 06 Nov 2023 21:00 in ASKSiddhi独断うまい店 by Yoko Deshmukh

Honestly, I feel "Shizusan" in Phoenix Marketcity shopping mall in Pune serves better regarding fusion sushi.

I had a chance to visit Itamae Sushi while I was in Tokyo. 

Itamae-sushi in Tokyo|Sushi bar of Tokyo that is famous for a tuna


We were overwhelmed by the volume.

The purpose of dropping in them was to check if their vegan options were Indian vegetarian friendly, and it turned out that those were uniquely fusion and colorful. We chose avocado, kaiware (radish sprouts,) and takuan (radish pickles) for the vegetable option, apart from California Rolls and Spicy Tuna Rolls. 

The total bill for two adults was not very expensive, around 2,400 JPY, as we took a glass of water and a cup of Japanese tea for 0 JPY. 

Quite traditional "vegan" sushi options, such as kampyo-maki, 
natto-maki and oshinko-maki are also available.

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