11th Visit: Talking to Myself


Posted on 18 Nov 2021 21:00 in ASKSiddhiのひとりごと by Yoko Deshmukh

I am not visiting the clinic to seek answers from a third party.

In the past ten days, I started 100 times of full (deep) squat, so my muscle mass has increased to the never-seen level and surprised the nurses! I explained to them that I had been trying a variety of strength exercises recently, never to be defeated by myself, and I enjoyed them.

I also told the doctor and counselor my emptiness and zero self-esteem even though I donated to at least five different bodies monthly (3% of my income) and financially helped and to be helping younger Indian relatives visit Japan. While talking to them, I started realizing that my goal in life is to put my hands dirty finally. I have stayed away from people for a long time as the trauma from my early life in India. I want to go closer to people who might need me, exchange ideas and energy, and feel genuinely valued.

The set of medications for the next 28 days: tryptanol 10 mg, escitalopram 10 mg

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